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Formula modification help needed, Rgonzo1971 & Ryan Chong earlier solution

I had this question after viewing Formula Date modification by Rongzo1971.

please see attached file. this one looks a bit challenging. i tried a lot, could not figure out to add additional condition in SUMPRODUCT for second column date.

i need the formula in the yellow cells.

very much appreciate your help.
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This is one of the most sophisticated problem that is solved by you Rgonzo1971.  you are genius! you must have a big brain.  this was not easy. thanks a million.

there was a typo in the F3 formula  where at the end it had a double TT for the Left and i found it and fixed it.  but your formula really amazed me. i could not decode it how it works.  but it does the job very well.  

is it possible to merge both of two different formulas together as one? like if i just paste one formula in F2 and drag down?  if it is too much, then i can live with the one you already helped me with. it is already amazing !  i love it.
dear Rognzo1971,

there seems to be a problem with the formula, if i add new date range.

i have uploaded the document. i have also posted new question for this.

I would really appreciate your help.  thanks.  the total is 90773 while your formula now results 91855

link to the new question i posted on this issue is here