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Printing lines not text Windows 10

After installing a payroll application update, printing now produces output with lines (i.e. graphics) but no text.
Test print okay, and MS Office prints fine, but an accounts package and a payroll package (by different authors) both show this effect.  Those applications show print preview okay so the authors say "it must be Windows".  Output to PDF is okay.

Applications: Encore Acconts, Iris Earnie Payroll, MS Word (okay)
Printers: Brother HL-2250DN, Brother DCP-9040, MS Print to PDF
Steps taken:
- try a different printer - nope
- restart print spooler - nope
- restart computer - nope
- remove print drivers and reinstall - still the same
- SFC /scannow reveals no system file problems

is it a font issue?
not sure where to go next with this... any ideas?
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RaminTechnical Advisor

is it a font issue?

I guess so.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
Most Valuable Expert 2012
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It is most likely that the Payroll system did not convert properly to PDF. Are you using the newest Adobe Reader/Acrobat?

I have a payroll system that defaults to Crystal Reports and has a drop down for me to get PDF and that works properly.

So in the absence of any other information, the conversion did not do fonts correctly.
I'll assume the applications run under Windows. If they're DOS apps, then all bets bare off.

Output to PDF is okay.
So it should be a font or a driver issue. As multiple printers have the same problem, and as PDFs tend to store text as curves, it is most likely fonts that are giving you grief.

Go through the settings in the drivers for the printers. Make sure the driver does not use printer fonts. Instead set the driver to download the fonts as outlines (preferred) or bitmaps. Do this from Printer Properties > Advanced tab > Printing defaults button. If printing via a server, do it there.


Thanks for the helpful comments.
Actually it was a driver issue, and I had not completely removed the driver as I thought I had - doing it again, there was an option to remove the driver package which I hadn't ticked previously.
I guess the two Brother printer drivers had some component in common which stuck around.
So fonts were a red herring in the end, but a reasonable idea given what I'd reported.


Lesson for me... Completely remove drivers. Even thought they might resist :-)