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Devices and Printers takes forever to pop up

Windows 7-Pro 64bit PC with all patches applied

when we click on Devices & Printers…it takes about 3-4 mins for it to load up the screen

How can I fix this?

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Run Services >> find print spooler >> and stop it, then retest to check if that is the cause of problem.
If it is taking that long it means there is a printer that is either offline or having issues. You might want to see if there is a printer that is grayed out and remove it.
if that didn't fix the issue, then do the same and stop Bluetooth service and retest.

Also set them to Automatic, and retest.
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Did all Three and time has decreased from 4 mins to 1 min

but should be around 15-30 Seconds
Try with another Mouse.
is it a laptop ?
No it is a I7 PC with 16gigs Ram
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Left message with Client to try wired mouse
Your next options are :


and run Windows Disk defragmenter.
Could you log into another account on that computer and see if it has the same issue (for testing purposes)?
Tried Wired Mouse, ran SFC command and it is still at about a minute

better than 4 but still a long time

is there any printer or device offline, or with problems?  you never told us
Nope I removed all Grayed out (old Printers) and made sure all were online

no errors in device manager? if so correct these first
if not, try updating all drivers, starting with chipset, video...
After a week and the client is Screaming at us but not following our instructions

I went on site with a Wired mouse and keyboard

Removed USB Key/mouse combo and installed mine


Opened the Printers dialoge box and it popped right up....

Gave them a big fat Bill including the Keyboard and mouse.

Thanks for your feedback.