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Thanks to Experts Exchange, I recently won an Apple watch for this article.  It is great to win stuff.  My biggest problem now is that I am not really an iOS person.  I only have an iPhone for work.  My personal mobile phone is an Android.  At first I hoped that I could get the watch to work with the android, you can kind of.  After too much research it became evident that I would need to use the iPhone.  So now I need to figure out what applications I can use to get the same or similar functionality from the iPhone as from my Android.  

I didn't, at first think that this would be extremely difficult, but it turns out I was wrong.  At this point you are saying to yourself, "What is his question?"  I will start out simply, I want an email application for the watch/iphone that will display all unread emails in all subfolders of an email box.  My exchange account has literally hundreds of folders with 100s of rules on the exchange server determining what happens to each email.  Many emails go into different folders before being read (for instance emails from PRTG go into the PRTG folder which is a subfolder of the software folder).  Most email readers only check the inbox or one single inbox for unread emails, not all unread emails period (think outlook, or touchdown).  I use Touchdown on my Android, which is now being deprecated by Symantec, to do just this.

I don't mind paying for a solution that works.  I tried a bunch of email packages for iOS several years back (Mail+, AltaMail, etc) and ended up settling on Mail+.  Now Outlook has gotten a lot better and almost works.

If anyone knows of an email app that works on the Apple Watch that will do this, please let me know.  I am presently using Spark, because it seems to be the best.
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Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideAsked:
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Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
So now I need to figure out what applications I can use to get the same or similar functionality from the iPhone as from my Android.

You need an iPhone for personal use to make use of the Apple Watch.
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideAuthor Commented:
I have found that syncing it with my Business iphone works fine.   I like Android better than iOS.  So I will remain with a personal android based phone.  

My question remains, What is the best mail app?  Touchdown on my Android seems to do everything that Outlook on my desktop can do.  Spark seems to be best for iOS, but I was hoping for some experience in mail apps for iOS.  My experience is outdated.  My decision on Spark is based purely on internet reviews, and the fact that it works on the watch.
Justin Pierce, CEH, CNDANASA Cybersecurity EngineerCommented:
Hi Thomas,

Congratulations on winning an Apple Watch! Concerning the question about the best email app for your iPhone & Apple Watch, I recommend Typeapp and Newton.

Typeapp is free and has tons of customizable features, and the kicker for you may be that you can easily see all of your subfolders with a single tap. Lastly, the "clusters," and "only people" abilities can save a lot of time if you have a lot of junk that slips through the cracks.

Lastly, Newton is a paid mail app that does all of the work for you. Meaning, if your willing to let go and let a bunch algorithms do the job of organizing, collating,'re going to love Newton. Also, Newton has tons of features: save emails to other apps, sender profiles, delayed send, pullback sent emails, and read receipts. It's a little pricey $49.99 a year, but you can try it out for a week to see if you're willing to throw down that kind of dough.

All in all, both Typeapp and Newton have Apple Watch interfaces, but of course, they aren't as full-featured as the iPhone apps.

I hope that helps and take care.



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Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideAuthor Commented:
Thanks Justin - This is exactly what I was looking for.
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