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Hello Experts our current environment is as follows:
Web Server Hosting IIS & Citrix Secure Gateway
Citrix Server
SQL Server
AD Server
App server
Currently users must have CAC or PKI to get to login screen.  So where I'm a little fuzzy, authentication starts on users machine their cert must be validated up to CA, once validated, user enters username / password which then goes to AD for verification?  Or does Citrix do the verification?
ManieyaK_Citrix Systems / Network AdminAsked:
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Daryl BamforthTechnical ExpertCommented:
Passes back to AD, which then provides a token for that session (assuming you are using kerberos and not failing back to NTLM).

I know this is an old article, but it covers the basics of authentication and passing tokens quite nicely.
ManieyaK_Citrix Systems / Network AdminAuthor Commented:
Roger this it excellent.  Thank you for the quick response.
Daryl BamforthTechnical ExpertCommented:
A pleasure, glad I could help.
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