centos 7 configure rsyslog to receive cisco logs

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I have not been able to verify that logs are being received on the centos 7 server using rsyslog

firewall has udp 514 open and listening same set on the cisco asa

cannot see why it is not working, I do sh logging and it shows how many TX are being sent via the trigger but cannot find on rsyslog server.
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In /etc/rsyslog.conf, uncomment these lines:

   $ModLoad imudp
   $UDPServerRun 514
   $IncludeConfig /etc/rsyslog.d/*.conf

In /etc/rsyslog.d create a file called asa.conf and add these lines where A.B.C.D is the IP of the asa:
    if $fromhost-ip startswith 'A.B.C.D' then /var/log/asa.log
    & ~

Restart syslog:
   systemctl restart rsyslog
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And update logrotate:


Add /var/log/asa.log


did I give you all the information you needed to review?

because you gave me the only answer that worked, over all the documentation that I have read.

Thank you very much!
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You did.  You were very clear.

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