How do you create a virtual interface with AWS Direct Connect?

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We just purchases AWS Direct Connect services through Comcast. We have quite a few virtual servers hosted using AWS and EC2. The problem is that our entire team is completely confounded by the instructions provided by AWS to establish the connection. I know we have to initially establish a connection. This has been done.

Next, we have to establish a connection gateway. I think I did that right. The console says it is available.

Finally, I have to create a virtual interface. I am pretty certain it needs to be a public virtual interface, because we need to access AWS and EC2 through it. However, that is where we get lost.  Below is the screen I see.

AWS Direct Connect Virtual Interface Creation
I'm not sure what to put under my Router Peer ID or the Amazon Router Pear ID. I certainly don't know what I am supposed to enter for the BGP ASN, or how to get that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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If your Direct Connect is provided by Comcast, they should provide you the info you need to create the VGW for your VPCs.  I have worked with Verizon, not sure how the Comcast process works but I assume it's similar.  The AWS documentation will refer to setting up the Direct Connect and VGW yourself, so at this point you don't have all the info needed.  Call your Comcast rep or put in a ticket with the screenshot you posted and ask for guidance.
David FavorFractional CTO
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As Justin suggested... Comcast is it's own beast.

For assistance with connecting through Comcast, best open a support ticket with them.
jimstricklandDirector, Systems & Physical Plant


The problem seems to be that Comcast (at least where I live) is selling a service they do not know how to support. I upgraded my support plan with AWS and submitted a ticket. AWS support said that if Comcast will not supply a router peer IP for us, there is a way to request one from AWS that we can use.

When we do our follow-up evaluation of this migration to Comcast services, I am going to make a strong suggestion that it is poor form for a company to offer services they are unable to help their customers implement.

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