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How to format google forms?

I am working on Google forms. I have set the destination file to be google sheets.

In the form, i need to autoformat

1) Phone Number as    (123)-456-7890
2) Email Id as   abc@abc.com
3) Website as www.abc.com
4) Current field as $

How to format all these 4 fields

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8/22/2022 - Mon
Serena Hsi

That might be beyond the capabilities of what Google Forms allows. Aside from setting specific field formats such as Date or Time, the upgraded version of Google Forms does not have this for the fields you have specified above (e.g., phone, email address, website, currency-based). You'll likely have to create custom javascript or something to validate the text input before it gets submitted through the form and recorded on the underlying Google Sheet.

Here's more information on the data validation available with Google Forms.

Thank you @Serena..

Although i have mentioned the destination file as Excel.

We are not able to store the data to the Excel.

How to get the link to store the data to an Excel.  Assuming that 10 different users are filling the form, we need to get those data stored in a spreadsheet.

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@tel2 , Thank  you.. I still feel that i asked this question 2 hours ago.. , Thanks for taking your time and responding.. :)

Very helpful and grateful to hear that Google supports regular expression in the google sheet.

Hamburger Menu is standard design format of having the menu. It is interesting to know that, they support the feature to download the google sheet to csv which can be opened in the Excel. Hope the regular expressions bind in the sheet doesn't lose the format.

I will have to do some testing on this. Thanks for the details !! Hey, It is real worth to wait :)
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.

Glad to hear you're still alive, chokka.  Thanks for the points.

What do you mean by this:
   "Hope the regular expressions bind in the sheet doesn't lose the format."

Also, why do you want to download to Excel, anyway?  I know Excel has its advantages, but if you have your data going to a Google Sheets spreadsheet, you can watch it as people submit entries, and it stays up-to-date with their responses.

Thanks !!

At that time requirement , I had was to collect the data from published online network & then download to excel which will be pushed to Sql or Access DB.

Anyways , that project is over. But thanks.., by the way I’m not a Ghost 🤪