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Store String List globally in VB.NET

I want to store a string list globally in VB.NET  winform application ( Similar to how an enumerated list is kept . But the value has to be string and not numeric)

C# example is also fine

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Ryan ChongSoftware Team Lead

how many winforms do you have?

is your String List always static?
Ryan ChongSoftware Team Lead

I would probably store the info in a Config file, load it when necessary

you can also define a static class for the loading if necessary.


It is a static list . There is only one form .  Even if I keep it in config , I hope I still need some list for getting the string
Ryan ChongSoftware Team Lead

if you want it to be "static" and only have one form, why not just declare it as a List (Of String) ? like:

Public Class Form1

    Dim myList As New List(Of String)

    Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load

        myList.Add("Item 1")
        myList.Add("Item 2")
        myList.Add("Item 3")
        myList.Add("Item 4")
        myList.Add("Item 5")
    End Sub

End Class

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then access it like:


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which n is a zero base integer.
Jayadev NairApplication Developer

Please use MemoryCache for this purpose. Faster for retrieval and can globally access within application domain even if you add more forms later. Add System.Runtime.Caching reference to your project.

 List<string> GetStringList()
            var cache = MemoryCache.Default;
            var content = cache["stringList"] as List<string>;

            if (content == null)
                var policy = new CacheItemPolicy
                    { AbsoluteExpiration = ObjectCache.InfiniteAbsoluteExpiration };

                content = new List<string>();

                cache.Set("stringList", content, policy);

            return content;

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If you want it to be Global, then either declare it as...
a Public Variable in a Module, or make it
a Shared Member in a Class.
anarki_jimbelSenior Developer
The only comment I agree is from Mike Tomlinson. Declare this list as a shared member in a class, specifically, in the form you have.
Really, if you have one form only you do not need to make it shared, however if you add forms in future - this may help.
Where you store this list, in a config file, in a database, in some cache - does not matter. Personally I won't use VB Modules - it is very specific to VB, I'd say this is old VB structure, if you will want later to convert your code to C# or any other language - you may have problems.
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Just to clarify, in VB.NET a Module is the same as a static class in C#.

Jayadev NairApplication Developer

To the question, using a Shared member should help.