Dell PowerEdge 2950: System event log (SEL) is full

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On an old Dell 2950 I noticed "I1912 SEL Full" on display. OS is 2008 R2 Standard
Through OpenManage (Hardware > Logs), the message is:

Wed Mar 02 12:33:26 2016      System event log (SEL) is full.

2 question:

1) the only way to clear event log is through BMC menu (reboot required), according to this URL?

2) few days ago I registered a disk hardware failure. I configured alert with "DellSMTPNotify" application.
Is it possible to I didn't receive an email for that failure, due to Event Log full?

Thankyou very much
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System Architect
well from your link :

To use DSET to Clear the ESM Log

    Download and open the DSET 2.2. utility for Windows or Linux .
    Click the plus (+) next to System, and then click the plus (+) next to Logs.
    Click ESM to highlight it.
    Click Clear ESM Log located in the upper-right corner of the page.

To use OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) to clear the ESM log

    Start OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA).
    Log in to OMSA by entering your username and password, and then press Enter.
    Click the Logs tab, and then click Hardware.
    Click Clear Log located next to Options.

To use Dell IT Assistant to clear the ESM log

    Start IT Assistant.
    From the middle System Tree bar, select your server by clicking it.
    Click the Logs tab, and then click Clear Log in the upper-right corner of the page.

Didn't these work?

it says :

Find your Dell PowerEdge server model in the chart below for other ways to clear the ESM log:

so you should try the 3 first ways before trying the rest..


Ops, sorry :)
OpenManage worked well.
What do you think about DellSMTPNotify issue?
Thank you
Panagiotis ToumpaniarisSystem Architect
From what I understand DellSMTPNotify reads OpenManage events. If you had an alert on openmanage then you should have been alerted.

Try "DellSMTPNotify.exe 1" in a command prompt in the directory where DellSMTPNotify  is installed and you should receive an email alert.

If you don't something's wrong with the settings.

see here.


Hi, DellSMTPNotify.exe 1 worked fine.
I hope I will receive further alert in the future, after clearing log.
Thank you!

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