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On Cisco Nexus 9508 What is the Maximum VPN Throuhput?

We have ten gigabit interfaces. How much tunneled traffic would the device be able to push?
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@Blue Street: The 9508 is a core device that does both switching and routing. So we have BGP and OSPF as the routing protocols. Are you saying that VPN is just not a feature on the sup of a 9508? No IPsec, no GRE?
Nexus 9508 does not support ipsec vpn tunnel termination.
Or do you mean DCI (data centre interconnect) such as OTV < (BGP) Ethernet VPN (EVPN) >???
The bottom-line is that if your device could do this they would most assuredly show it with the traffic bandwidth specs i shared above. But because your device cannot terminated encrypted traffic, but rather disseminate it, the rates I shared apply to all traffic; encrypted or not.