SQL Upload issue using SSIS


I am using an SSIS package to upload some CSV data to my SQL table.

Here is the error:
SSIS Error

Attached is the table structure (I have numbered the columns so you can see which column 97 is).  See file "SQL-Table-Design.ODS".

Attached is the CSV file that contains the data that is failing: See file "CSV_data.csv".

The datatype of EVERY single field in the table is set to VARCHAR(MAX)  - I understand this is bad database design but I just wanted a 'catch all' structure.
Any help or advice is appreciated.

Many thanks

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Deepak ChauhanSQL Server DBACommented:
In your CSV file found some special character, I guess this will not be allowed with Varchar data type. your CSV may contain corrupted data Please check it. You can try to change the data type from Varchar to Nvarchar if you need to insert such data.  Also you can try import/export data wizard to upload CSV data where you can check the errors during column mapping, I know you have ssis package to upload data but Import / export wizard can show us the problem in csv and sql column mapping.

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Deepak ChauhanSQL Server DBACommented:
Adding more in above.....

Also check flat file connection manager Column mapping in ssis package, you may need to change the column data type "DT_WSTR" for conversion. Below link give you idea.

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