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I have shared a macro enabled workbook with a number of people, and even though I've told people that in order to use it correctly, the file must be macro enabled and/or not marked as read only ... it still seems to be an issue for some people to remember, and the document fails to work correctly.

Is there any way that I can put something on a worksheet that basically informs the user of the status of the document at that time. eg.

If workbook is opened as read only, then put "Yes" in cell A1
If workbook is opened without enabling macros, put "Yes" in cell B1

If there are any other issues that may stop the workbook from working and saving correctly in cell C1 etc

If "Yes'" then appear in any of these boxes, then the user cannot continue onto the next tab, and they have to rectify the problem.

Any help would be appreciated.
Dan FullerAsked:
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Rob HensonConnect With a Mentor Finance AnalystCommented:
I have seen a workaround in the past.

In the BeforeClose event set a routine that hides all but one sheet. On that one sheet is a warning message about enabling macros. A message along the lines of that if you only see this sheet you need to enable macros, if Enable Content is not visible then close and re-open.

Once macros are enabled, a FileOpen routine will run which hides that single sheet and unhides all the others.
Dan FullerAuthor Commented:
Perfect thank you
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