LibreOffice, get rid of indenting on number paragraphs

I have numbered paragraphs in LibreOffice, see image. The paragraph tab stop is set to where the 2nd and following lines are shown. However, the 1st line is indented further than the rest of the paragraph. There is not tab-stop there. Format > Paragraph shows "Before Text:" = 0.31", "First Line:" = -0.31". Changing "First Line" moves the whole first line, including extra spacing. Change "Before Text" does nothing obvious. This is annoying. Is there a way to fix this?Indentation
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Serena HsiConnect With a Mentor Marketing ConsultantCommented:
I imagine you've already looked at this:

Choose Format - Paragraph - Indents & Spacing tab
Choose View - Styles and Formatting
Open context menu of an entry and select Modify/New - Indents & Spacing tab

However, it looks like you have a list going on there, so instead do this:

Format - Bullets and Numbering. Open Position tab page
Choose Tools - Outline Numbering - Position tab
Open Styles and Formatting - List Styles - context menu of an entry - choose New/Modify
jmarkfoleyAuthor Commented:
Serena Hsi: Yes, I did look at Format - Paragraph - Indents & Spacing tab, but revelation of the problem was in Format > Bullets and Numbering > Position tab (although I didn't see a 'Tools' option on that tab). One option on that tab was "Numbering followed by: " with the option set to 'Tab Stop'. If you look at the image:
LibreOffice tab stopsYou will see that the tab stop is slightly before the indent marker. Therefore, the 1st line goes to the next tab-stop at just beyond 9/16 inch. If I move this tab stop forward to 5/16", Everything lines up.

Now, why the tab stops are set this way is another question. The Bullets and Numbering > Position tab, shows tab stops are supposed to be set at 0.5", but they are obviously set up on some non-inch interval, approx. 7.5mm by my estimate.

Anyway, I can fix the formatting by moving the tab stop.
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