what happens, if i fire a select statement in oracle having partition in it. if selected partitions does not exist?

Akhil Md
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does it go for full table scan or what?
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I suppose it depends on what type of partitioning you have set up and what types of indexes you have on those partitions.

Best way to tell: explain plan the select and see.

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Database Administrator
You will likely get this error:
ORA-02149: Specified partition does not exist

But, this rarely happens in Oracle since it isn't necessary to include a partition name in Oracle when querying partitioned tables.  If your query provides a "where" clause value that matches the partition column, Oracle can efficiently use the partitions even though the query doesn't provide partition name.

I agree with slightwv.  There must be a bigger issue that this question is part of.  When would you expect this to happen?

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