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C# - Add a VB reference in C#

An app was written by another developer.  App contains multiple projects.  One was written in VB and another in C#.  Why?  I don't know.

I created a helper class called "FolderLocation" which is in the VB project.

VbProj -> HelperClass (Folder) - FolderLocation (Class)

I want to reference the Folder in the C# project

C#Proj -> DeliveryEmailer (Folder) -> Sender (Class).

There is a project dependency to the C# Proj in the VB Proj.  I can't add a project dependency to the C# referencing the VB Proj because it will create a circular reference.

Any ideas?
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Senior .Net Developer
Either create the helper class in a separate vb project which can be referenced or move the class over to the C# project.


How do you reference?  I added it as a project dependency.  Tried using below

using Helper.HelperClass

I get "type or namespace Helper cannot be found"


Figured it out.  Had to add reference.