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VoIP Phones Not Working on Secondary Switches


I have a site where I have several Yealink T26P phones connected to multiple Aruba (HP) 2530 POE switches.  There is a stack of 4 switches, with the primary switch connected to a SonicWALL TZ300 router.  All the phones on the primary switch work normally.  The phones do not work on the secondary switches.  I have two VLANS (data and voice).  Basically, I have every port tagged with the voice VLAN and untagged with the data VLAN.  The only difference is that I have two ports on the primary switch that are untagged for the voice VLAN only (voice uplink from SonicWALL and phone controller).  In testing with other phone types, I've been able to plug into the POE port on any switch and have it work.  This is my first interaction with the Yealink phones, and it is remote.  As the only difference between the switches is the uplink port config, I'm guessing that I need to have a port untagged for the voice VLAN only and a different port untagged for the data VLAN only?  This would seem like a very poor design, as it would effectively require the use of up to 4 ports per switch.  So, what am I missing?  My SonicWALL is serving as the DHCP server and seems to be working fine and it actually shows the non-working phones actually get an IP.  They just don't connect.  Move them to the first switch and they immediately connect.

Thank you for any assistance that you can provide.

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