Terminal server 2012 user profile problem

We've got our users set up for roaming profiles when they log into our terminal servers (Server 2012 R2).
When a user logs in, a folder is created on the terminal server under c:\users with the user's login name.  Any changes the user does are written to that folder.  When the user logs off, that folder is copied to the user's roaming profile stored on another server.  

This works like a charm for all but one user.  When that user logs in, no folder is created with his user name in c:\users, so when he logs off, nothing is saved to his roaming profile.  Each time he logs in, the system thinks it's his first time logging in and he has to have his email set up and a few icons removed.

We've already recreated his profile (several times), just like we've done every other time.  This user is different.  Comparing him to all other users on the DC, same-same.

I'm stumped on this one.
Scott MillerIT ManagerAsked:
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Justin YeungConnect With a Mentor Senior Systems EngineerCommented:
you should then see a c:\users\temp folder created when he logs in.

delete the registry key that for the specified user under the key below.
"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows  NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList"
Scott MillerIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Problem solved.
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