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Running CAT5e or6 Cables in House Need to make sure I am on the right track.

My wife is getting a work from home job that requires a wired network cable connection to her laptop and her office is on the other side of the house where the cable modem is located. Lucky for me we have a basement with easy access to the underfloor where the room is located.

I am planning on adding a wall jack near the cable modem and wiring it and running it up through the wall where her desk is located and wiring the other end into a jack that will be installed on that wall. Then a patch cable with two RJ45 connectors from the wall jack to a port in the router.

Question: Does it make any sense to use CAT 6 cable when my router is only gig speeds, I may get a faster router some day but there is no need for more than gig local speeds. It doesn't make any difference as far as internet speed since we only get 100 mbps internet speeds. Even considering that is there any future reason we would want CAT 6 speeds?

Question: Is there anything wrong with a Lowes or Home Depot type installation kit with crimpers and connectors, wires etc.? Not for a business office but it does need to be reliable.

Question: With CAT5e or CAT6 do I need to be careful what the wire comes in contact with? I think I have a pretty clean shot but it may need to cross over metal duct work unless that will cause a issue. If metal duct work will be a problem is there a conduit I can run it through that will shield it from any problems? or is there a certain distance to keep it away without any issues?

Do you have any other advice for a home setup  like this that I should consider? I might go ahead and install a 12 port patch down panel for future cable runs but I will have to get a much bigger router to use it since I only have one port open now.
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