Windows Server 08 - Profile and Boot issues

The original problem was yesterday when the user would click his mapped drive to the server c:/themainserver/bridgette. Well when he clicked on the shared drive and went to c:/themainserver/bridgette it would load a few times and allow him to edit the files and then when he would go to save everything it would freeze up and he would not be able to save any files.

When I was on the machine yesterday (The Actual Server) I was able to find the bridgette folder and started to copy it to a usb drive and it would fail after 30 seconds. I tried 2-3 times and same issue. I rebooted the machine and her whole profile disappeared. I read online there are issue with profiles and windows server 08 but  how would I go about getting the profile back? There are no server backups. I just took this job over so I'm slowly working to get it up to the proper standard.

The server has a RAID setup but idk what kind. The BIOS doesn't show me much at all. The hard drives plug into a controller. I'm unable to hook either drive to an external pc because the hard drive has  AIO for the sata cable and power adapter. I cant plug them into the drive individually

Now when I boot the pc it says "reboot and select proper boot device" in the BIOS, I have that hard drive set to boot first. I'm not a RAID pro but i think the RAID was setup to mirror. There were some files I needed off of it.

I have a newer server I'm going to move everything to assuming I can get this booted somehow so I can pull the data.

This is an older server also. I don't know  why it wont boot anymore? any ideas? is it something with the RAID? I guess any suggestions as to why it wont boot all the sudden then ill try to figure out the profile issue.
Joel BudITAsked:
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
this sounds more like disk problems. check the event viewer for disk events.  You might be able to recover using chkdsk if there are no events?  How are your backups?

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Joel BudITAuthor Commented:
I'm just coming into this job and there are no backups of this server. The 2 IT people ahead of me had no backups of any of the 3 servers.

Anyhow, this one server I just need files from. I think I may have to send away for data recovery. I can't get it booted, I can't hook up the hard drive anywhere. I have he drive set to boot or priority.
Joel BudITAuthor Commented:
ahh they should of had backups. This beast will not boot. No matter what I do. I'm assuming the Raid failed or even the controller card for the raid failed. These are scsi drives. Last time anti virus was updated was in 2010. The server has been out of play but one user here would still use it.

I just need to get the files off of it and bon voyage to this server. When i turn it on, it sounds like its going to take off!
Joel BudITAuthor Commented:
disk crashed was able to pull almost 11 gigs before it failed completely. If he needs I will suggest data recovery otherwise this server is going offline.
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