Free Hold Music

Hello - im looking for hold music that is free to use. Anyone have a link to download one?
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Please clarify, depending on your pbx, it usually have an audio input over which you can connect an audio player.

Not sure what you are asking for.
Cobra25Author Commented:
Downloadable, free, royalty free hold music.
You have to look at public domain music, have you searched for music downloads .

You presumably have a type of hold music you want to play. Start fro taht.
Does the player you have include an ability to play Audio from broadcasts?
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
Several years back I consulted with a company wanting to put music into grocery stores.  We quickly discovered that anything people will recognize is under BMI or ASCAP copyright, which they defend savagely even to the point of sending investigators around to harass business owners.

Both BMI and ASCAP will license for the purpose of music on hold, but the price is not reasonable.

See Nolo's commentary on the topic.

EasyOnHold has a page discussing the issue and their alternative service for music on hold.

The only assuredly, defendably legal alternative we found is the music used by radio and TV stations for background during commercials.  Type "buyout music" into Google and you'll get a long list of companies selling it.  At the time we investigated it was usually sold by the CD with :10, :14, :28 and :56 second tracks of the same theme, and 30 to 50 tracks per CD.  $200 should buy you over an hour of it.

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Excellent advice by Dr. Klahn.
In the UK we have the "Performing Rights Society" that sends investigators to premises where music is being played but the owners are not displaying a "PRS" sign in the window indicating that they have bought a licence to play music for "public entertainment".  Even small dental surgeries and car repair garages with more than one employee are not exempt.  I would imagine that "on hold" music would be deemed "for public entertainment", and it is for that reason we have to listen to a selection of crappy renditions of Vivaldi and Bach and piano  instrumentals by or in the style of Richard Clayderman while waiting for an hour to get through to a call centre.

I suspect you will already have thought it through, but you need to be very careful what kind of music you choose or it will be guaranteed to make peoples' blood boil before they even get to speak with somebody in person.  I'm sure that psychologists have already made studies of what effects different kinds of music have on the human brain, but it is largely common sense.  Whatever aggravates you when you are already a bit uptight is bound to annoy others.  Having to listen to a horribly trebly and tinny version of Vivaldi's Spring that is interrupted every 30 seconds to tell me how important I am to the company has me really worked up by the time I speak with an operative.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
No further input from questioner.  Points assigned to responders in order of detail and relevance.
Thanks Dr. Klahn
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