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Hi, how to make a cell formula to only beep once in excel?

In excel, I have used vba's beep function to use that in cells. Now, the cell value changes incrementally (the cell value may incrementally increase or decrease).  The incremental value is +/- 100 only.  For eg., if the cell value is 1200 from the data feed, it positively increments either to 1300, 1400, 1500, etc., or negatively increments to 1100, 1000, etc.  I am only concerned about "A" particular cell in an excel sheet because the data feed happens only in ONE particular cell.

For every increment, I have used the VBA beep function to alert me.

Whenever the beep happens, I have to manually change the formula (=if(D5<>1500,beepnow,"") to the increment that just had happened. Else, it keeps on beeping.

What I require is, the formula should automatically beep once - that's all!  Then, the beep should happen only when there is incremental "change" in the cell D5. Otherwise, the beep shouldn't happen.  The data feed happens during most part of the day, but I wouldn't know when it would happen; hence this beep alert is a kind of helping me instead of sitting always in front of the system waiting.....

Can it be done with a formula or can it be done via VBA?  Kindly, help me on this.  Thank you! Prabhu
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Narayanan Prabhu

8/22/2022 - Mon
Bill Prew

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Fabrice Lambert


I would use a static variable in your beepNow function:
Function Beepnow()
    Static triggered As Boolean

    If Not triggered Then
        triggered = True    '// never gonna beep again, as long as the workbook isn't closed.
    End If
End Function

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Narayanan Prabhu

Hi Bill, It is great SOLUTION! Cheers! Thank you so much.!!!
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