Can not use ftp command in windows explorer

I have one machine that when I type  I receive a error message "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program or, if one is already installed create an association in the default Programs control panel"
I have a FTP client that works fine. We need to use windows explorer to connect to one of our CNC controlers.
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Daryl BamforthTechnical ExpertCommented:
Even with the program installed you will need to check the command line options for that program. And you will either need to browse to the directory of the application, or reference the entire path in the command. Such as

c:\program files\ftpprogram\ftpprogram.exe -switches here
nesteyAuthor Commented:
In all of our other machines we do not do anything different. Win 7 installed open windows explorer type in and it connects to our controler or external ftp site. On this machine we get this error message?
Daryl BamforthTechnical ExpertCommented:
Then it could just be that the file/path association that was enabled by the software has been lost. Have you tried re-installing/repairing the program?
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nesteyAuthor Commented:
There is nothing to reinstall/repair, We didn't install any software, just trying to use default windows setting just like all of our other machines?
Daryl BamforthTechnical ExpertCommented:
Ahh, OK, yeah that is weird.

Does c:\windows\system32\ftp.exe exist? If so, can you run it from there and it work? Could still be association as messed up for some reason, so double check in there as well.

From one of your working systems it might be easier to export the registry keys from a working system and import to your problematic one.

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Joe FulginitiNetwork EngineerCommented:
if all else fails, take a look at filezilla at
nesteyAuthor Commented:
Hi Daryl Bamforth,

Looks like the ftp key in the registry at HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/FTP was missing. I exported this key from a working machine and that seem to do the trick.
Thanks for you help and a link to the solution
Daryl BamforthTechnical ExpertCommented:
Brilliant. Glad it's sorted.
nesteyAuthor Commented:
Sorry Daryl Bamforth

I thought I accepted and closed this question last week.
nesteyAuthor Commented:
Sorry Daryl Bamforth

I thought I accepted and closed this question last week.
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