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Windows 10 Search "$"

Our company is completly paperless and have been for years. We move Quickbooks from a Windows 7 to Windows 10 Machine in the last couple of months. Our accounting department has brought an issue to my attention that I am hoping someone has some ideas of a work around. We have a naming convention that we have been using for the past 5 years, that now that we have moved to Windows 10 is giving us this issue.

Consistent naming has Been: 2017-11-12 Amazon $149.66.pdf

In File Explorer (Quickbooks add attachment) When they do a search for Amazon, it comes up. When they do a search for the Date, it comes up. When you search for 149.66 or $149.66 it does not come up. If I save the file without the "$" and search for $149.66 or 149.66 it finds the PDF file, and now we can attach.

We had also had an Issue with Windows 7 Search that would not find "PHP" in the name. Our Insurance company is Physicians Health Plan, so the naming convention we had to go with is: PHPlan, otherwise they would not come up.

Anyone have any ideas?

Ron Kramer
Consultants On Call
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John: that's not the answer I wanted "LOL"

I was hoping that someone will come up with a registry entry or something that I can do.

Thank you for your response. I will leave this open for a while to see other ideas, but that is a matter of training my employees that have been doing the same naming convention for 5 years, which is now a habit.

Ron Kramer
Windows 10 keeps changing and so I suggest you engage in re-training people because this issue will not get better and registry changes are a bad idea as Windows 10 keeps re-writing itself.  The idea is pretty much dead.
You point out a valid point about Windows 10 updates :)

John, Thank you for your assistance.
You are very welcome. I am very experienced in QuickBooks and also with Windows 10 and was happy to help you.
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Another idea is to roll out a better search tool. For example, I regularly use the "Everything" search tool from void tools. It's free and lightning fast (real time as you type). There are many others that do similar file system searches and are far superior to the terrible thing that is Windows search.

Plus you have a high likelihood of a consistent experience even with future Windows updates since it's a separate app and is less dependent upon high level Windows functions.

It's a hassle to roll out new technology, sure, but it should also improve employee productivity with the faster performance.
To be honest, the selected answer suggests, that search will care about the "$" sign being used within "secure and administrative file mappings" - however, win7 does the same and it works there (unless I got the author wrong).

So it is just another problem of windows search. Win search has changed and new features have emerged and new bugs have, too. Search tools (my favorite: Agent Ransack) will surely help.

By the way, ConsultantsOnCall, what windows 10 version (1607/1703/1709) are you writing about?