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Dear Experts, we have 3 different domains and each of them has its own AD server and domain users. However the users have not joined domains. The request is building 1 ShareFile Server for all 3 domains.

With only 1 domain, it is easy when we just need to join the ShareFile to domain and grant the permissions based on domain users, groups but we do not know how to do it with 3 domains. Do you have any idea? Please help!

In other words, can we authenticate an user from a domain to a different AD server in different domain?
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You would need to setup a trust between the domains in order to use username/passwords to access the file server without setting up all the users in the domain that hosts the file server. An alternative, though I do not recommend it, is to allow anonymous users to access the shares so there is no authentication.

Domains are setup for security and until you allow something through it will be stopped.
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The answer was not clear, so I dont think it should be the answer1

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