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How to restore back the correct site in SharePoint 2013?

Dear EE experts,

We are in high trouble right now, as we don't know what went wrong with our Product Site. We need tech support badly as our Product site (as per attached image, Product Image site) got changed to the look of our main Teamsite...
Please see the attached files, the look of our Teamsite and the look of our Product Image site, but what happened is when you access the site: http://pm-server:2018/products , the site is correct but the page data isn't. The data becomes the same as the main page (Teamsite page).
But when you check the Navigation settings on the Product page, the links are there (please see the attached screenshot Product Navigation)
Or when you access the site http://pm-server:2018/products/brand the correct site for the Brand page will show (please see the attached screenshot Brand), only the page for http://pm-server:2018/products/   is currently having a problem...

Kindly help us and advise on how to fix this problem...

Thank you!
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Walter Curtis
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Hi there Mr. Walter!
Thank you for your kind response. Let me answer your response point by point... :)

1. "
The image named Teamsite_MainPage.jpg shows a site with this url:


There is an error on that hpage under the announcements. Based on your other post, is the error being caused by a mis-configured web part maybe? In order to remove the web part you can use this url:


That will take you to maintenance mode on the page and it should help you return the page to normal. You can add the web part with your data again to the page as you need to.

-- We did that, reset the 2 web parts (Site Feed & Announcements), but still the same...

The image named Product_Image.jpg shows a site with this url:


Is the screenshot showing the correct url,the correct page or is it going to a page in the marterial subsite? The link may be incorrect in your navigation settings. Double check that maybe.

-- We just showed that image as a sample, but the correct Product Image site is here: User generated image, we just edit the image just to show you how does the correct Product Image page looks like... That correct page is the one missing... Every time we access the site: http://pm-server:2018/products/   the Wrong_Product_Image shows...

The image named Products_Navigation.jpg shows the navigation configuration. Looking at the image I see that the Heading titled "Home" is going to the site at /products. That means that the link will go to this url:


Is that your home page? I think not because other screenshots show the home page is here:


Do double check that.

-- Product Images is not our main home page, but it's a subsite from our main Teamsite: http://pm-server:2018/SitePages/Home.aspx
If we hover the mouse on the link named "Product Images", it will show the correct link, and like what you saw from the link of the Navigation image, that is the correct link, but when we clicked on that link or even if we typed it manually, the result isn't correct... :(

Hope to hear from you again soon...

Thank you!
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Same solution that helped us fixed the problem...
User generated image
Thank you so much for your kind support!
You're welcome..