Office365: get gmail mails?


I have Office365 now but people stil send mail to my gmail account. How can I retrieve them in my Office365 account?

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Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
Use the Connected accounts functionality as detailed here:

This way both the Gmail and O365 messages will end up in the same mailbox, and you can even reply via the gmail address if needed.
Gaurav SinghSolution ArchitectCommented:
you can set forwarding in gmail to your office365 account.  Attached the screen shot.
janhoedtAuthor Commented:
This forwards indeed, but when I do a reply it replies to my own gmail also. So f.e. I get a mail from John Doe and reply, it replies to John Doe AND my own gmail.
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Pushpakumara MahagamageVPCommented:
is it 2 separate emails?

So, then put out of office on in gmail and say your massage that you have moved to new email. Keep the forward also on.
Gaurav SinghSolution ArchitectCommented:
Also while reply make sure that you should not use Reply to all. It adds automatically the Gmail ID while replying . if you are replying  than make sure to remove gmail id.
Jessica KCommented:

This migration of Gmail to Office 365 can be done manually and with the help of third-party tool also, depending upon the need of the user. The manual method is given in the Microsoft's official website, read and implement the steps carefully:

But, if you want to transfer/move all Gmail emails to O365 account with calendars, contacts or any other item, then it is recommended to use the optimum solution like G Suite to Office 365 Migrator for the quick transfer of the data. The utility exports complete Gmail data to Office 365 mailbox without losing any data and even without wasting too much of time.
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