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change keyboard layout

while repairing pc's i often boot from the windows 10 install USB stick into command prompt
questions :
1- what commands are available here?
2-can i change the keyboard layout to AZERTY ? if so - how?
1 Solution
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
from powershell you issue this command
Set-WinUserLanguageList -LanguageList fr-FR

Open in new window

To enter powershell from cmd just enter powershell

To get a list of commands available at the DOS prompt, just type 'Help'.

However, in my experience, more commands are available than are listed, so you might consider them a bonus!

It maybe that this is because 'help' only lists commands that are in C:\Windows\System32\ and / or some other location(s).

You could also do something like:

DIR /B /S C:\Windows\*.EXE

Open in new window

but the output might be a bit overwhelming, and some would be GUI programs.

Also, if you go into PowerShell (which is not listed by 'Help' of course), you can run:


Open in new window

PowerShell being far more powerful too.

Jackie ManCommented:
Powershell will not work as yours windows 10 install USB stick is language specific and has been set to US language.

Win 10 IoT Core - Keyboard Language

You need to create another windows 10 install USB stick in French language (FR). When you use win 10 creator update, you can select any language you want.
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nobusAuthor Commented:
powershell is unknow command !
btw - it is from a dutch version i'm booting
to ALL : language = DUTCH, and keyboard should be AZERTY (Belgian French point)
Jackie ManCommented:
When you boot from the win 10 usb install, do you find Dutch (Belgian) in the keyboard pull down menu?

It is essentially the first few steps to fix bootloader problem as per the article below.


If no, you still need to create another windows 10 install USB stick in French language (FR).

Win 10 in Dutch does not have an AZERTY keyboard.
nobusAuthor Commented:
Jackie - right on you are !
it's as simple as that -  and i have an azerty keyboard
tx !
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