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I have disable all the servers windows update from the Firewall level  / Endpoint level and the reach server windows update  status to disable  . but when i check the servers realized that windows update status change to automatic .

how can this happen  ?  due to end point virus   or any other reason .

some servers are indicating unexpected  shutdown has recovered some thing ? why is that ?

nor update has gone  ? server is   trying to get the update ?

what is the best way to do the windows updates
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If the Windows updates are set via GPO this will over-ride any local settings.  The best way to do Windows Updates is to use a WSUS, if you want to control or even stop updates from downloading, running and restarting your servers thius is the best way to go.

Microsoft WSUS Setup
With regards to the unexpected shutdown , in your event logs , do you see any errors like Kernel-Power perhaps ?
Windows updates would count as an expected shutdown in my opinion , since their reboots should be graceful.

As Andrew hinted , you should try use GPO to control how updates are configured on your servers , including policies that prevent auto-restart on installation of automatic updates.

To disable access to Windows Update
In the Group Policy Object Editor, expand Computer Configuration, expand Administrative Templates, expand System, expand Internet Communication Management, and then click Internet Communication settings.
In the details pane, click Turn off access to all Windows Update features, and click Enabled.
Click OK.
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The best way to do Server updates is have the Server download and set install to manual and update to a schedule each week. Do not disabled updates or you will not get security updates
Andrew Write provided concise information beneficial to question asked.
John Hurst added valuable guidance which should not be ignored.

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