Login to cisco FEX from a switch

Lawrence Dada
Lawrence Dada used Ask the Experts™
Hi all, please am trying to login to cisco FEX from a switch, but not cleared how to go about it.

I have attached the FEX status on the switch below

If i login to the switch what command do i applied that will let me see all interfaces on the FEX.

Thanks for looking into this for me.
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You're showing the 10-gig trunks.

You don't login to a FEX.  You login to the Nexus that it's connected to.

show interface status

You should see all of your FEX ports at Eth101/1/1 etc.  You haven't said what your topology is.  Single Nexus, or more?

If you have two Nexus switches as parents, each port config has to be typed twice: once on each Nexus switch.  Otherwise, it may look like the port is not working.  Or, worse, it looks like it's working now, but upon failover, the other Nexus makes the port inoperable.

And, next time, just attach the screen shot as a JPG.  The Word file is a pain to view when Protected View kicks in and won't display your embedded screen shots.
WissamSenior Network Engineer
Fex modules are not managed switches
Simply think about it as a remote line card

I would like to add on some instances, if the fex module is connected to two nexus parents and they did not both had the exact port  configuration, the traffic would partially work
(Based on load balancing algorithm)



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