SQL Replication, versions??

I need to replicate a Database hosted on a SQL 2005 server std (Publisher) to SQL 2012 server std (Subscriber), I understand that there is no issue there because they are 2 major releases apart.

I wish to use a separate Distributor Server for performance, what version can be used here.  I can't seem to find this documented for my scenario.  I would use 2016 if possible?

The replication type is most likely to be snapshot.

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Daniel_PLDB Expert/ArchitectCommented:


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I understand this statement includes Distributor. Even if placing distributor on SQL 2016 would work I wouldn't decide to stay on this config for production. Microsoft probably will get back to above mentioned statement in case of any issues.

RCoTeamAuthor Commented:
Makes sense, I'll stick with SQL 2012 for the distributor for now.

This is only a stepping stone requirement, the DB hosted in SQL 2005 is going to 2014 shortly, I guess a new distributor can be introduced following that.

Thanks for the sanity check,

Daniel_PLDB Expert/ArchitectCommented:

After migration to SQL 2014 you can.

Replication is supported if each SQL Server endpoint is within two major versions of the current version of SQL Server.
You can go to SQL Server 2017 if these 2012's will go to 2014 too.

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