How to split commissions for different sales agents?

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I am working with a small group of sales people and we'd like to divide commissions in thirds for each of us. But I see this would mean we'd need some corporate entity to manage this. But that is not the reason for my question on EE.

What systems exist for dividing commissions? I see this as a potentially complex process to manage.

Are there systems that can be licensed or used online to manage this for me?

I use a Mac, so any non-web app would require Mac support.

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Hi Newbieweb,

Paypal has a program called Adaptive Payments but you'll need the approval of PayPal to get it. That said Paypal explicitly states that Adaptive Payments can be used in the scenario you're talking about, here is their statement, "For example, you might use this configuration in a sales commission application that transfers funds owed for commissions from your account to the accounts of your sales force."

Hopefully, the legwork that you have to do to get this done is minimal and can integrate into the application(s) that your business uses. Take care.
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This can be simple or complex and it will depend on your business rules.

I would start looking for something specific to the industry vertical you are in because many times there are idiosyncrasies for each.

I have created some custom web based systems for several vertices including insurance. Even for the same verticals, different companies have their own way of doing things.  

If you don't want to create something custom, I would look to quickbooks and one of the add on apps that can offer an off the shelf solution.

The good thing about off the shelf is it will be less expensive and ready to go. The downside is you may have to adjust your business rules. That is where a custom system can work. But you have to weigh your options.
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