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Help with RegEx

I need a pattern string to edit a 10-character field having its first two characters equal to 'AA', 'AB' or 'AC', and the remaining eight characters numeric.  I don't know the RegEx "language", and don't know where to start.  Can anyone help?
2 Solutions
Bill PrewCommented:
I would use the following:


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Tested here:


or simply

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Radek BaranowskiFull-stack Java DeveloperCommented:
[ABC]{2}[0-9]{8} would be the simplest I guess.

future reference: https://regexr.com/
Bill PrewCommented:
Just to inform my solution, I assumed that AA, AB, and AC were just examples, and that the real world case would be a number of combinations of two characters...

Also make sure you start and end the pattern with ^ and $ respectively, so that things like "XXAB00000000" or "AB000000000" don't pass.  Unless the input field involved is limited to 10 characters on input by the UI...

petekipeOwnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help on this Bill!
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