Windows 7 stuck in 'Starting Windows' on multiple PCs from multiple un-related domains


We've got multiple Windows 7 PCs across multiple un-related domains that are getting stuck at 'Starting Windows', and will refuse to reach the login screen.

After leaving these PCs around 30-40 minutes at 'starting Windows', the PCs will go into recovery/restore point mode and will prompt for action to be taken. If you try to initiate system restore, or a repair, both will fail.

You can boot into safe mode without issue, but if you open msconfig and modify the boot i.e. only loading base services etc. you will still get stuck on 'starting Windows' on the next boot.

If you boot into 'last known good configuration', you will be able to use the computer as per usual, but upon rebooting it, you will get stuck on the 'starting Windows' screen.

We have run multiple virus, malware, adware, and system scans, all saying everything looks fine.

SFC/scannow and chkdisk also report back that everything is fine.
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William FulksSystems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
Try unplugging the network cable and see if it gets to the login.

Another thing to try is get in safe mode and back out any recently installed Windows Updates. Could be one is corrupt or causing problems.
vehastingsAuthor Commented:
Hi William,

We've tried booting without a network cable, and it makes no difference unfortunately.

If we do a startup repair/system restore with the disk, we can get back into Windows, and if we restart the PC from within Windows it does start.

However, if we shut down the machine, and then turn it on, it will refuse to boot.
William FulksSystems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
How many different machines is this happening to? You implied multiple, meaning this is a system wide issue. Something has changed - either a software update rolled out, a network configuration change was made, or something along those lines.

Have you tried running internal diagnostics, like what's built in on Dell and HP machines, to make sure it's not some kind of hardware failure. It would be weird as heck for a bunch to suddenly have failing hard drives at once, but you never know.
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ray connorsCommented:
I have several windows 7 pc's freezing at Starting Windows.
I was able to restore to an early date and bring all PC's back online.
I am now going through each Windows 7 updates 1 by 1.
William FulksSystems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
You either got a bad driver update from the vendor or something from Microsoft. You can sort by date installed to see what was on there. Once you isolate it, would you please share for future reference?
vehastingsAuthor Commented:

We've solved the issue for anyone else having this problem.

We had trusteer and AVG CloudCare installed, which seemed to be conflicting. They'd been running side-by-side for months, but an update in Trusteer has caused an issue that stops Windows from booting.

We fixed the issue by uninstalling Trusteer.

Thanks for all your help though!

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ray connorsCommented:
I'm uninstalling Trusteer at the moment to verify if that is our issue as well.
Wes MullenhourCommented:
I am also experiencing this issue on a site with Trusteer and AVG CloudCare

Please let me know what you guys find. We cannot remove Trusteer from this site.
vehastingsAuthor Commented:
We fixed it through a mix of William's suggestion and both our own investigation into which programs were conflicting.
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