How to excel on old iPad

It says I need to run ios10 or later but my iPad mini can’t upgrade higher than iOS 9.3.5

Is there a work around to this?
brian ramdhaniCT Technician Asked:
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Justin Pierce, CEH, CNDAConnect With a Mentor NASA Cybersecurity EngineerCommented:
Hi Slingingshot15,

The iPad mini can only go up to 9.3.5, but that won't stop Numbers (Apple's Excel equivalent) from taking in your data and exporting it out to an Excel format. The same goes for Pages (Apple's Word equivalent) and Keynote (Apple's PowerPoint equivalent) when inputting data and exporting it out to a Microsoft compatible extension. Unfortunately, the iPad mini has been left behind when it comes to all the new cool stuff from iOS 10 & 11, but I continue to use my iPad mini for all things work & play because iOS 9 is a stable OS, and can accomplish almost everything I need to get done.

I hope this helps and take care.
Jackie ManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your need to buy iPad Mini 4 or an Android tablet or iPad 4 Mini if you must use Excel on a tablet running mobile OS of iOS or Android.
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