What port does System i Navigator connect to

Jeff Klipa
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Greetings iSeries Gurus,

I just successfully set up SSL for an iSeries Access 5250 Emulation connection...
I need to know what port is used by the System i Navigator when it connects to the iSeries...

I know that Telnet uses port 23, FTP uses port 21, and SSL uses port 992 for their connections...
(Curious to note that port 992 is not showing as open on the iSeries...)

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Complicated question.  navigator has two diffferent clients: web version and "fat" client (installed as part of IBM i Access for Windows.

Default ports for the web version of Navigator:


Windows version of Navigator uses different ports for different functions:


Here's the general port list for various IBM i services:


Additional ports specifically for Operations Console:


Post back if I can help you zero in on something specific.

- Gary


Turns out we needed 992, 449, and 9470 – 9476 inclusive…
(992, 449, 9470, 9471, 9472, 9473, 9474, 9475, 9476)
We have successfully deployed the SSL connection over a VPN connection...!
Thanks again...!

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