What does this message mean and why did it start today for the first time ever?

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This showed up on two different websites. One of Outlook dot com e-mail and the other was Seeking Alpha. I've never seen this before today.

Windows 7, Google Chrome browser.

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Visit the chrome://flags page in your Chrome and set the "Disable WebGL" option.
There were two in there:
1. WebGL Draft Extensions and it is set on enable. It does not say whether clicking enable will disable it so I left that one alone.
2. WebGl 2.0 was set on default and I changed that to disabled.

However the event has not happened since the date the question was asked.
Jackie Man IT Manager
Top Expert 2010
You are correct. The error is not related to WebGL Draft Extensions or WebGl 2.0.

Try the following instead.

WebGL Error can be solved by enabling the option of hardware acceleration when available. Read each step below correctly to enable Use Hardware Setting When Available.

Open setting in chrome.
Click on left topmost three dots and then Click on Settings.
Simply Click this URL: chrome://settings
Scroll down to show advanced settings
Now scroll down and just tick mark Use Hardware Acceleration When Available
Now simply restart chrome and it will solve your WebGL problem
If it doesn’t then apply the second method.

Method 2: Enable WebGL Option through chrome://flags

Open a new tab.
Enter URL chrome://flags
Now simply click on Reset All To Default and restart chrome.
It must solve WebGL Hit A Snag Google Chrome error.

Source: https://wildtricks.com/webgl-hit-a-snag-solved/

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