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SQL query to display as PIVOT

faa.AssetID, faa.AssetNumber, faa.Status, faa.Dept, faa.Class, faa.Description, faa.PropertyNumber,faa.AcquiredDateTime,

case  When fayr.ValueID = 'COST'  THEN fayr.Amount  else 0       end 'Cost',

case        when fayr.ValueID = 'ACC DEPR'  THEN fayr.Amount   else 0  end 'Accum Depr',

case        when fayr.ValueID = 'BOOK'  THEN fayr.Amount   else 0      end 'Book value'

 FROM [Livendb].[dbo].[FaAssets]          faa          with (nolock)

 join  [Livendb].[dbo].[FaAssetAmountsByYear]  fayr    with (nolock)
            on      faa.AssetID = fayr.AssetID  and faa.SourceID = fayr.SourceID

            where faa.[Status] = 'ACTIVE'   and faa.AssetID = '6'   and fayr.FiscalYearID = '2018' and fayr.ValueID in ('BOOK','ACC DEPR','COST')

I am getting multiple line, would like to combine 3 lines in to one so the Last 3 columns (cost, Accum Depr and Book Value) are all shown into on line, here is what I have right now:

AssetID      AssetNumber      Status      Dept      Class      Description      PropertyNumber      AcquiredDateTime      Cost      Accum Depr      Book value
6      0000000005      ACTIVE      15.9950      15BLDG      GENERAL HOSPITAL      NULL      2013-12-01 00:00:00.000      0.00      0.00      83722355.32
6      0000000005      ACTIVE      15.9950      15BLDG      GENERAL HOSPITAL      NULL      2013-12-01 00:00:00.000      0.00      9087644.68      0.00
6      0000000005      ACTIVE      15.9950      15BLDG      GENERAL HOSPITAL      NULL      2013-12-01 00:00:00.000      92810000.00      0.00      0.00
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Please specify what database and version you are using.
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Abdul Khan


MSsql database

Out of the three lines which one you want.?
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Pawan Kumar
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Thanks so much Pawan, It's exactly what I am looking for!
welcome. glad to help.