Windows 7 remote desktop to cloud based windows 2008 r2 server times out

Hi I have a network that is cat5 connections that has good fast internet and RDP into a cloud based windows 2008 R2 server. It make connection logs in ok then while you are working it times out and goes through the reconnect process 1of what ever until it connects again. Some times it won't reconnect but most of the time it does. You can ping the ip of the server and it does not time out. Does anyone have any ideas?
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John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
This is a bit strange considering the fact that the ping is steady (have you left it long enough ?) first check the event logs of both your machine and the RDS and then just for testing disable your security antivirus to see if it affects the situation...or everything that seems unneeded....also check if there newer drivers for your NIC/MB
One last thing ...lets assume that nothing from the above helps...find another NIC or a USB Wifi with decent signal and try again disabling your current NIC
Soupbone79Author Commented:
This is a brand new pc with windows 7 loaded on it. I have did a ping with a -t and it never times out. I will check antivirus and drivers for nic. One more note I have turned off all power saver options on os and nic.
David SankovskySenior SysAdminCommented:
Does this happen when the RDP window is minimized? It could be a simple of issue of inactivity.
Try forcing a send-alive package to be sent every minute, you can do this from the Local group policy manager on the Server side.
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Soupbone79Author Commented:
It happens sometimes minimized but also when your typing. The software based company owns the cloud based server and I cannot changed their end they are saying no one else has this problem but they did tell me that their end does time out after 15mins of inactivity.
David SankovskySenior SysAdminCommented:
I'm sorry Soupbone79 but I'm afraid I didn't fully understand you.

Is this a VPS in a cloud where you have full administrative capabilities or are you using some sort of a SAAS provider using a software company who actaully owns the server and you have no Administrative privileges on the server?
Soupbone79Author Commented:
Sorry for the confusion It is a cloud base server 2008 R2 server which the software company who actaully owns the server and we have no Administrative privileges on the server that is correct.
Soupbone79Author Commented:
One more note when RDP times out the regular internet is fine. I have talk to the software company many times about this but had no solution.
Soupbone79Author Commented:
We have a program running called colasoft ping tool pinging, pinging the gateway ip,, and the cloud ip of the windows 2008 R2 server of the software company's server and we are timing out sometimes every 5 pings and some times every 10. I called comcast (their ISP) and they ran test on their gateway box and they said there is nothing wrong with this. I have had trouble with their gateways in the past so I have a call into a local tech to swap box we will see what happens. The time outs are happening on multiple PC's not just one so we will see what happens.
Soupbone79Author Commented:
Ok I had the isp come by and change their gateway. That did not fix the problem. It turns out that I had to turn off IPv6 in the network adapter settings which fixed the timeouts. Thanks for all of your suggestions.

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Soupbone79Author Commented:
This is what fixed the problem
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