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Chris Kelly
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Hello. Started working at a company. They have folder redirection implemented on a Group Policy. They had an old file server that I just replaced with a new one. I did a robocopy of all the shares to the new server and switched them over at the start of the week. I did not change the folder redirection yet and had planned to do this week. However this morning the old server went down. And by old I mean 12 years old, old. Anyways, I had already did a robocopy of all the users docs and desktops over to the new server, and I just went and did a backup of all of them manually as well just in case. We also have an off-site backup so I know we have the data however I want to change the folder redirection to the new file server/share that I have created. All the data is already there, other than maybe a few files they created in the last few days which I can pull from our backups. Do I just need to change the group policy to point it to the new server/share, then take the check mark off the "move contents to new server" option, and then do the gupdate /force and have everyone log in tomorrow?

Am I missing anything? I am eventually moving to DFS because the new server is 2012 r2, but I need to get everyone logged in tomorrow with their files. There are about 20 or so users. Any help would be appreciated. I have never had to deal with folder redirection before and I don't want to have long logins tomorrow morning.

Thanks in advance!
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You'll need to make sure the user's permissions are in place but otherwise it sounds like everything is correct. Now is the best time to setup DFS but i definitely understand the rush.

Another option because the old server is dead is to take it's name as an alias so you don't need to worry about group policy update changes. Just an idea since you'll be going to DFS eventually you can do this temporarily.
Tom CieslikIT Engineer
Distinguished Expert 2017
Yes,,, If you not changing DC, then just replace server name in GPO in Folder redirection section and force Policy
All should work if all rights in folder structure have copied properly.

Just try to navigate to some desktop folder under folder redirection/username and you should have no access to this folder.
If you do then right are not propagated the way it supposed to.

Check if Folder owner is "username", this is very important, if not (because of you are the owner then you can simply change that.

Other solution (since you have full backup) is to Create new path for Folder redirection, then recover backup to different location. Users should pickup new policy tomorrow morning and all should be OK


Thanks Guys! Appreciate the feedback!

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