Intel S2600CP Server 2016 installation hard drive drivers

I have an Intel S2600CP server board with 10 SATA hard drives.

The problem is that when I install Server 2016 I can only choose between 4 of the hard drives as possible installation drives.

The remaining SATA hard drives are connected to a PCI Express RAID card that came with the Intel S2600CP server board.

I need the exact URL hyperlink of where I can download the right driver that I can load at the very beginning of the Server 2016 installation process that will allow all of the server's SATA hard drives to be recognized.

Please provide me with the exact URL hyperlink of where I can download this driver from.

In my past question here I was directed to the website*&DownloadType=Drivers.

This website only has drivers for Server 2012 and doesn't have any drivers for Server 2016.

Are there any updated Server 2016 drivers available for this? Or will the Server 2012 drivers work within Server 2016?
IT GuyNetwork EngineerAsked:
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SeanSystem EngineerCommented:
The 2012 drivers should work just fine.
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