Intel Server Board S2600CP with latest v. 2.06.006 BIOS fully compatible with Server 2016?

Will an Intel Server Board S2600CP with the latest version 2.06.006 BIOS update installed be fully compatible with Server 2016?
IT GuyNetwork EngineerAsked:
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Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
We've been Intel Server System builders for a very long time. Currently, we have Server 2016 installed on any Intel Server System from SR2625UR and newer.

Make sure all of the Intel virtualization feature sets in the BIOS are turned on.

There are lots of BIOS setting pointers among others in my EE article Some Hyper-V Hardware and Software Best Practices.
SeanSystem EngineerCommented:
There are reports of people installing Server 2016. However, Intel has not yet validated his Operating System for this Server Board.
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