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How to hire a remote computer?

jose11au asked
Hi , I'm not sure if this is the correct threat to post this.

I have an old computer that I use for browsing the internet and to keep my stuff private, I mean really private. I am the only accessing this computer, keep the password safe etc. but this computer is old and very slow.

Is there service that I can use like Remote Desktop Connection, so I can connect to another computer that I can use for personal browsing rather than a buying a new computer?  Something like renting a pc not physically.
I hope this makes sense
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NVITEnd-user support

I'm not understanding your question. Please clarify.

Do you want to connect to your existing old computer? Or, to a replacement one?
Yeah, such services exist, but for a high level of security, ("really private") you will need to consider the jurisdiction as well. You will have to ensure that the remote host is located in a nation where law enforcement are unable to gain access.

Some of the former Soviet states have providers who offer such a service, or there are a few other "data havens" out there.

A better option is probably to use TOR, which will run slowly, but give you a good level of anonymity.
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you could look at remote systems offering remote access as you did or rent a VPS that you will use for browsing...

what is leading to slowness?
data transfer or display...
older systems depending how old ......
Jackie Man IT Manager
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You want DaaS, desktop as a service.

Which country are you from?

AWS Workspace is one of the DaaS service providers but it is not cheap.
Jose Gabriel Ortega CastroCEO Faru Bonon IT /Top Rated Freelancer on Upwork / Photographer
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I think that the best choice is to get a new computer and do your stuff from there. My point is because you want to get something "really private" you have to have the physical control of your computer. Trying to connect to somewhere else always will be attached to the risk of getting traffic intercepted by any particular or maybe the company that you hire get hacked or any kind of attack (security or malware even wanna-cry).

So I recommend stop making things up and get your stuff! :) haha, that's my personal point of view.
Jackie Man IT Manager
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Also, DaaS is not cheap, it might cost you more to subscribe a DaaS service for 12 months than buying a new computer.

John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer
Well i would go both ways....i would buy a new computer.....i don't know the specs and your needs but with $ 400 - $500 you can get a decent machine...and also get a super cheap VPS to store your extra sensitive info ..they come from around $1.5/month and they provide 20Gb of storage...


Thank you so much for your recommendations. It may be cheaper to get a new computer. I may also look into the old soviets "data havens", interesting.
I've been using AWS free tier servers (rather than their workspaces mentioned earlier). AWS allows for free use of their servers for a limited amount of time, for a limited amount of cycles. Above that requires payment.
Google Cloud also offers a free tier. I have no experience using them, but I hear it works just fine.
Both allow for remoting. AWS allows for fine-grained firewall control, both inside and outside the servers you employ. The firewall settings are part of their VPC security groups.
Both allow a diversity of operating systems. Does your work require Windows? Does it require Linux? Both providers can accommodate out of the box.
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