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We were having a bad quality audio during a large conf. call (around 45 attendees) on Lync and customer thinks it is coming from lack of CoS configuration on LAN devices. Do switches (L2) also need to have a CoS Configuration? Is there an approved std. template for Lync Voice/Video ports etc. ?

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JustInCaseConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Microsoft article how to configure QoS for Lync at active directory level. This is just marking traffic so traffic can get different treatment later on network devices. Network devices need to trust DCSP (COS) markings. L2 switches understand only COS markings (auto QoS can provide you DSCP to CoS mapping - can be found a lot details on the page Configuring QoS ). It would be good to read whole article (configuring trust on interfaces etc...).
Configuring the DSCP-to-CoS Map - as a separate configuration.
Generally L2 switches may need to have QoS configured, typically on trunks where congestion is most likely to happen. But, typically, that would also mean that you need to classify and mark traffic  as it is entering switch port. Cisco has already prepared voice configuration present on switches. You can configured auto QoS on switches and modify configuration if you want.
totaramAuthor Commented:
Was there a comment you wanted to add, Stacy?
totaramAuthor Commented:
I have been told that the LAN QoS need to be applied @ Active directory level for Lync to work functionally sound, would you know of how to apply
it? Is there any std. template available for it?
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