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Logging off users on a RDP server, if application crashes

We have an Access application running on a remote server.  This server is locked down and opens our application at login.  When they exit the application - it runs the Logoff function and takes them back to their local desktop.  

I have put several functions into the Access application that will allow users to logoff - should an issue occur.  However, I do see a possibility of something going wrong and the user not being able to log out.  The Taskbar/Desktop/TaskManager are all hidden, so if something did get to the point where they were looking at a black screen - they would need someone else to log them off of the server, which is not acceptable.

I was thinking of writing a small c# process, that is triggered by the Access application once it has loaded.  It would pass the process ID the the c# app, which would then monitor the process ID, to see if it's still running.  If not (i.e a crash has taken place), it would log the user off.

Is this a good idea, and as I'm pretty new to c#, does anyone have any pointers (or better suggestions)?
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Gustav Brock

8/22/2022 - Mon
Gustav Brock

Make it a runtime. It will close down - or ask the user to do so - if it runs into troubles your error handling doesn't catch.

Andy Brown

Thanks Gustav - good to hear from you - hope all is well.

OK - that's a good point.  Do you think it's a sound idea, or would you do it differently?
Gustav Brock

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Andy Brown

Great stuff - makes sense.

Thank you Gustav - all the bset.
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William Peck
Gustav Brock

Thanks. You are welcome!