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Hi guys,

Im currently running what i would say is a "normal home set up". I have a router as my main incoming wifi as well as a extender which is a netgear night hawk.

I run all PC traffic though a paid for VPN.

I also have a smart home, thermostat, alexa, wireless sockets etc. I have been told that the smart home is easy to "hack" AKA some sitting outside gaining entry via the smart home device.

Ive been told i need something like this; Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway to secure my home.

Any suggestions.

Please bear in mind my technical knowledge is limited!
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One way you could go about it would be to have a router (won't name specific models as many would work), and define a second network that isn't capable of reaching the internet. Then you can have all of your smart devices there. However, bear in mind that would prevent you from being able to do things remotely (unless you VPN into your own router). Various smart home devices are based on the concept of your being able to control them from anywhere on the internet, so that type of option might cripple things.

Another method is just making sure that you have secure, and unique, credentials for your smart devices.
Brandon LyonWeb Developer/Designer

I use a RatTrap to secure my smart home network. They're easy to setup. As an added bonus you can use them to block ads.
MikeIT Professional

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