Backup Software to Dropbox

Dear Experts,

I have purchased the Kaspersky Small Office Security and I have tried to use the built-in up for Backup/Restore.

I have a W2K8 R2 Server and a shared folder of 70GB in size, I have created a task in order to perform Daily
backup to the Cloud using my Dropbox account.
Unfortunately the backup task fails to complete and it seems that this built-in software is for basic use.

Could you please advise a software for performing backup to Dropbox at a reasonable price?
Please also note that the software should support incremental backups and an email notification feature is also welcome.
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Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
Dropbox software is creating real folder on C drive. This is not external location so most of backup software will not work.
If you doing full system backup, software needs to create system snapshot and move it over to external location.
Since Dropbox is installed on local drive this will not work.

You can try to go to Dropbox / Sync and Move location of your Dropbox folder to different drive, like D: or E: or network location, then you can try run your backup again.
I assume that capacity of your dropbox folder in Cloud is big enough to handle whole system backup
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
We are using Syncovery that covers just about everything
mamelasAuthor Commented:
@Tom Cieslik

Thanks for your reply. Kaspersky will directly connect to your Dropbox account. We do not use the Dropbox app for Windows.

@John Tsioumpris

Thanks I will try this one.

Any other app similar to Syncovery? in order to compare the products and find the best one?
Wells AndersonCEOCommented:
You could use FreeFileSync for incrementally copying files from your 70 GB shared folder to the Dropbox folder on the C drive, assuming you have lots of space on C. Assuming you configure Dropbox so that it retains versions and deleted files, you will have the ability to retrieve files from Dropbox.

But I would strongly suggest using a real cloud backup service in place of Dropbox. Crashplan Business at $10 per month has unlimited space, versioning, and infinite retention of versions and deleted files.

Why do the double hop from shared folder to Dropbox folder to Dropbox cloud when you can go direct? Also, Dropbox is a consumer-level service with some business branding and features. They have had security breaches and fall short of business-level quality.

There are better services than Crashplan. You could pay $50 for software and then $4/month for  with 1 TB of storage. Wasabi is new, but they have geo-redundancy, unlike many of the more advertised cloud backup services. Arqbackup also backs up to Amazon S3 for a more established provider, but you need to navigate the complexity of creating an AWS account and buckets - not rocket science but not simple, either.

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