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ASP.NET : Generate Unique Number of length 4 alphanumeric length where first character always start with alphabet

Hi EE,

I need help in generating the Unique Number of 4 character length.

Criteria is as follows :
  1. String will always start with alphabet
  2. Another 3 characters will be a combination of alphabets (A-Z) and digits (0-9)
  3. Once the number generated it could not be repeat

A001, A999, ZD01, DA9P, SXS8 etc...

I need to write a logic for the same in my ASP.NET (VB.NET) based web application.

Please provide a direction.

D Patel
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Dorababu M
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Once the number generated it could not be repeat are you storing the generated number some where?
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Yes in MySQL table
thinking to have a stored procedure for data insertion and then build the logic for your field accordingly there?

then in your VB.NET program, you can call that stored procedure for data insertion.
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Can you please brief about it more Ryan Chong?
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Ryan Chong
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Thanks for your support.