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Hi.  I am a small MSP and so far have not really needed a way for customers to send help requests via an icon in the system tray or something similar.  they just call or email us.   But as things get bigger, I am finding it would be more helpful.  I am looking for a something that would allow the customer to click on an icon in system tray and they could send in a service request.  This program could also be monitoring the desktop for issues.   Also, could be integrated with the anti-virus program.  Looking for ideas and something affordable, being a small company here.
Kevin CaldwellOwner of RUseeingRed Tech SolutionsAsked:
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Robert OrnelasVP Operations at Cook's ComputerCommented:
Take a look at OneComodo all the basics for free. I have been testing it for about a month with around 25 computers and it is decent for the price. Here is a link to the info.
Scott CSenior Systems EnginerCommented:

Does everything you are looking for.

Monitors, pushes software, updates, remote connect, and you can right-click the icon in the tray to contact support.
Kevin CaldwellOwner of RUseeingRed Tech SolutionsAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys.  Thanks for the recommendations.  I will do some research and figure out the best way to go.
Robert OrnelasVP Operations at Cook's ComputerCommented:
There is no best solution here as the best answer would depend on the author. Scott and myself both have great answers.
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