windows V7 pro workstation fails to boot

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After a failed Microsoft update our workstation hangs at the windows splash screen.

When we press f8 we can use the last known god configuration and that works fine. However when we restart it hangs again at the windows splash screen.

I system repair booted from our cd says it finds an error and offers to fix it, which then causes a reboot, but again it hangs. We tried a system restore to the only one available which appears to have been taken just before the update, but this fails again at the restart.

Is there a way to make the last known good settings those used for our system boot?

So frustrating having to f8 and use this option each time.

Any suggestions appreciated.
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CESNetwork Administrator

System restore to before the update was installed?
Senior Engineer
If the system restore suggested above doesn't work...

I'd use the F8 one more time, boot in, back up the data from the profiles.

Than flatten the machine and do a fresh install and then copy the data back.

You will spend more time trying to "fix" it than just fixing it.


the system restore does not work, and I am loathed to "flatten" this computer, due to the amount of software installed on it.

I may end up having to do that, but I don't want to consider it at this stage. I md due on vacation in a few days and I just cant spare the time to take that project on :(

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Next time you boot this machine into Windows using "Last Known Good" try running these tools:

First - Combofix:
---Reboot the machine and see if the problem is fixed.

If not

Second -'s All-in-One Windows Repair:
---Reboot the machine. (There is a free version of this software)

Those should be really quick and easy to run (A few hours tops) to see if you get the desired result. If not, then a fresh install will likely be the next easiest course of action (Even considering software installs).
RaminTechnical Advisor

Try Safe Mode >> Control Panel >> Program and Features >> View Installed Updates.
Uninstall the latest Updates.
Or Try Command Prompt and Run SFC /SCANNOW


i tried repairing but eventually had to “bite the bullet” so to speak, and re installed to os.

thanks to all
Scott CSenior Engineer

Glad I could help.

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